Party Packages - 1 ½ Hour or 2 Hour Party

For a typical 1 ½ hour party, your party booking begins 10 minutes before your guests are due to arrive, in case you wish to set up any additional decorations, with the opening of our doors and you will be personally greeted by your host. Your child together with your child’s invited guests, will be treated to our special UV “Glow-In-The-Dark” paint and some basic instructions regarding the party and the use of the microphones and directions for their safety will be given, whereupon the music will start and the party will get going. Each child will be given a glow bangle. Children are welcome to request any special songs they may want to sing along to on our microphones as they watch themselves sing and dance on our large flat screen panel monitor.

The venue is already decorated, but if you have a theme in mind, feel free to decorate to your discretion. Please call to discuss further.

We have the following themes to choose from… Unicorns, Frozen, Moana, Disney Princesses, Mermaids & Pirates, Encanto, Disco, Trolls, LOL Surprise, My Little Pony, Bluey, Paw Patrol, Dinosaurs, Superheros, Harry Potter, Toy Story, Halloween and DJ Marshmello.

Approximately 25 minutes into the party, the first game will be played (usually Pass-the-Parcel) after which the party food will be served, then back to more singing and dancing.

Approximately 15 minutes later, another game is played (usually Musical Mats) in which each child will receive a lolly pop and the winner can pick from the various prizes displayed. The children are then seated and we sing happy birthday followed by the birthday cake cutting and served to everyone. Time permitting, more singing and dancing will take place followed by group photos and the birthday child handing out lolly bags to all their guests.

If booking a 1.5 hour party we can not always guarantee that the second game is played, while all 2 hour parties include 2 games being played.

In the case of a 2 hour party, it allows more time during the games and/or more time for more singing and dancing.

Please note: when parties exceed 15 children, we require a 2 hour party be booked.

You are welcome to bring in a fruit platter for the children and adults.

You are also welcome to bring in a pinata, but all lollies must be wrapped and loot bags supplied by you for the children to collect their bounty.


1 1/2 Hour Base Package

Includes up to 10 children additional guests $25 each


2 Hour Base Package

Includes up to 10 children additional guests $25 each



2 Hour Base Package

This package includes up to 15 children + birthday child FREE additional guests $25 each